Old Linear accelerators cannot perform IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy) or DMRT (Dynamic Radiation Therapy).
Current options are to replace them with new Linac to give quality treatment.


We offer upgrade of MLC, TPS(Monti Carol) and  QA/QC checks

MLC is designed using advanced DSP and FPGA electronic design technologies and can be used for Conformal Radiation Treatment (CRT), Intensity Modulated Radiation Treatment (IMRT) as well as Sliding ARC protocols.

It is a FDA Approved ISO 13485 product

  1. No decommissioning of existing functional equipment.
  2. Fast time frame to upgrade the equipment.
  3. No changes to existing structure or operational facility.
  4. Very Low investment.
  5. Movable to another facility to protect investment.
  6. Fast attachment and detachment of the configuration of MLC.
  7. Able to monitor patient while treating                                                                
Upgrade option
1.       Monti Carol based TPS. Lowest treatment errors.
2.       2mm or 5mm MLC leave thickness. SRS treatment
3.       GPU based TPS. 7 angle treatment plan done in 10 mins for MC based calculations.  
4.       IGRT and dose verification in the same step. dose verification for patients’ safety.
5.       MV image similar to the x-ray image. Better image interpretation
6.       Dual Layer MLC option. Treatment like gamma knife

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