Everest is an ISO 9001 -2015 and GDPMD certified company.
Everest is a Singapore and Malaysia based company with 14 years of market presence. We specialize in distributing, installing, servicing, and decommissioning of specialized Oncology and diagnostic solutions for hospitals and research facilities. Top seller IgG IgM of Radid Test Kits and covid 19 Products
The following projects were done successfully.
*    Maintenance of Radiology Equipment in 20 Govt hospital under Pantai from 2007 to 2012
*    Installed Cobat60  Therapy Equipment’s in Yangon General Hospital 2010
*    Installed 2 Varian Linear accelerator in Myanmar.2012
*    Decommissioned Blood radiator in SGH Singapore 2014
*    Transported Isotope from Singapore to Malaysia.2016
*    SARS Cov2/Covid-19 IgG/IgM Rapid test kits 2020
*    SARS Cov2/Covid-19 Antigent Rapid test kits 2020
*    More 
SARS Cov2/Covid-19 products comming.

We are the first among the  HSA approved players in the region to provide industry-leading rapid test kits for diagnosing COVID-19 giving result from antibody IgG/IgM. Our test kits work using droplets of blood and give results in 15 mints at an affordable cost.
Testing antigen presence from recovered patience ensures they are safe to rejoin the workforce. Testing antigen presence with PCR test improves the overall accuracy. Rapid test also indicates the herd immunity for safer world.  This theory is under review and may become an important way to prevent future transmission. Our success is to bring customized product and service to customer demands